Textbook of Human Parasitology Protozoology and Helminthology

Textbook of Human Parasitology Protozoology and Helminthology

Ramnik Sood
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Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to Parasitology. 2. Phylum Protozoa. 3. Ciliates. 4. Sporozoa (Subphylum). 5. Protozoa of Uncertain Status. 6. Helminthology. 7. Phylum Nemathelminthes. 8. Phylum Platyhelminthes Class Trematoda. 9. Practical Parasitology.10. Immunodiagnostics in Parasitology. 11. PCRs—an Aid to Diagnose Parasitic Diseases. 12. Therapy of Parasitic Infections. Remembering What Has Been Learnt. Index. Textbook of Human Parasitology Protozoology and Helminthology in essence, presents A to Z of human parasitology for MBBS students. All parasites afflicting humans all over the globe are mentioned in detail for the students and teachers of parasitology. Some parasites, like amoebae, hookworms, roundworms, are well known, though there are rarer ones like Balanitidium coli,Paragonimus spp, that we may not be aware of offhand,which are also discussed,including even the most rare ones. Beginning with the historical aspects, morphology of parasites is discretely mentioned as are their life cycles in nicely illustrated flow diagrams. Also outlined are pathological effectsinduced by each parasite in the human body. The book cannot be complete without the therapeutic aspects as related to each parasite,tagged along with each chapter,and as a consolidated chapter in the book. All diagnostic aspects, beginning with simple microscopic visualisation and right till ELISAs/ CLIAs and Molecular Diagnostic Formats like PCRs,are outlined in ample detail. The facts given are truely authentic and the details presented so simple in a readily digestible format. Yes, this textbook gives complete A to Z of human parasitology. Once you have gone through the book, you can simply brush through the Recapitulation section presented towards the end of the book.