BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy for Dental Students (4th Edition)

BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy for Dental Students (4th Edition)

Krishna Garg
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This edition of the book is thoroughly revised, especially Head and Neck and Brain sections, as per Dental Council of India’s recommendations. New material has been provided covering head and neck, molecular control of development, cranial nerves and the section on brain. BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students, 4/e has been thoroughly revised, especially Head and Neck and Brain sections, as per Dental Council of India’s recommendations. Many new diagrams have been added and the previous ones modified. Some selected diagrams from the first edition have been adapted and incorporated. • A few further reading for inquisitive students has been provided at the end of the chapters in Head and Neck section. • Molecular control of development of various organs has been given in this edition. • Flowcharts of all cranial nerves have been provided in the Brain section • For testing the knowledge acquired after understanding the main topics of Head, Neck and Brain, Frequently Asked Questions and Viva Voce questions have been added in all the chapters of these two regions. The Head and Neck and Brain sections of the book colorfully present the following inherent salient features: • Regional and Applied Anatomy • Clinical Anatomy • Dissection • Facts to Remember • Clinicoanatomical Problems • Multiple Choice Questions • Mnemonics • Frequently Asked Questions • Viva Voce Organisation of the text chapters/sections: Section 1 Covers general anatomy in Chapters 1–8, including the terminology, features of bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, skin,fasciae,etc. Section 2 Deals with head and neck in Chapters 9–28. Gross anatomy of head and neck has been given in detail. Steps of dissection have been put in blue boxes marked Dissection. Illustrated clinical anatomy is given along with each concerned topic to increase the book’s utility during the clinical years. Appendix with it comprises parasympathetic ganglia,tables of arteries,clinical terms,etc. Section 3 Deals with brain in Chapters 29–37. Chapter 32 exclusively deals with cranial nerves and their clinical anatomy. New flowcharts for all the cranial nerves have been added. Various surfaces, lobes, sulci, gyri and important areas are also delineated in the audiovisual presentation available to the readers on CBSiCentral App. Section 4 Effectively covers other regions of human body (Chapters 38–41), i.e. upper limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and lower limb.Each region is discussed in one chapter only giving clinically relevant details. Section 5 Includes topics of importance in human anatomy (Chapters 42–45), i.e. clinical procedures, genetics, embryology and histology.Embryology includes general embryology mentioned briefly and embryology of head and neck described adequately. Histology covers microscopic structures of basic tissues and important systems necessary for the dental students.