The Curse of the Mughal Series Book 1: Daggers of Treason

The Curse of the Mughal Series Book 1: Daggers of Treason

Niraj Srivastava
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The Prologue introduces us to a British cemetery in Chunar, where startling discoveries are made regarding the grave of a Sufi mystic and his hoary connections with the Moghuls of seventeenth century. Many centuries ago, a young prince, born exactly 1000 years from the birth of Islam, becomes the 'Millennium’s Most Fortunate Child'. Prince Khurram, introduced to the perils and fatal imbroglios of the royal harem at a tender age of 45 days and the Deccan Wars at the age of seven, watches with loathing the treachery and rebellion of his own father, Prince Salim, against Emperor Akbar, and the seeds of future rebellion and fratricide are sown. ‘Daggers of Treason‘ is a richly detailed roller coaster ride of clandestine liaisons and intrigue within the harem, the grandeur and cruelty so easily juxtaposed within the Moghul realm, the call of the Timurids to wage relentless war and the eventual decay of Padshah Ghazi Abu’l Fath Jalal Ud Din Mohammed Akbar. The eternal mystique of Anarkali is rekindled and laid to rest. Or, is it? Deeply researched and fully plausible, it is difficult to ascertain facts from fiction. For lovers of history, fiction and thrill, this book is a reader’s delight!