Modiplomacy: Through a Shakespearean Prism

Modiplomacy: Through a Shakespearean Prism

T P Sreenivasan
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Modiplomacy is a unique work of contemporary history where the author has created a new genre of political commentary, making a blend of instant assessments as the events occurred and considered observations as they resonated in India and abroad. The author has presented Narendra Modi's brand of diplomacy through a Shakesperean prism where the hero's role is dictated not only by his sterling qualities but also by his tragic flaws and circumstances which go beyond his control. Objectivity, without a trace of prejudice or hero worship, is the hallmark of the work. T.P. Sreenivasan is a seasoned diplomat and a gifted writer and scholar. A former Ambassador, he returned to Kerala after serving with distinction at crucial posts around the globe but remained at the centre of global conversations on international affairs through his six books, hundreds of articles and frequent lectures in India and abroad. He was on the National Security Advisory Board, served as a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and also as the Vice Chairman of the Kerala State Higher Education Council.