Wall Painting Sites in Delhi

Wall Painting Sites in Delhi

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The wall painting sites of Delhi’ is the first comprehensive documentation of the wall paintings existing in Delhi. It is also the first publication from the self- initiated INTACH project on creation of Directory of wall paintings in India. The publication includes the inventory of wall painting sites in Delhi along with sections on description of Delhi city, its history, the art of wall painting in Delhi and the causes for their decay. The documentation work for the creation of inventory involved the meticulous process of surveying both urban and rural (remote) areas for wall painting sites. The inventory published provides an all-encompassing guide to necessary background knowledge on the structures or sites with wall paintings, description of wall paintings including the art history and materials and their current condition with relevant text and images. The book concludes with a section featuring issues and best practices of preventive conservation, maintenance and site management. ‘The wall painting sites of Delhi’ is a crucial data resource and will provide generations of interested conservators, art historians, research scholars, directors, policy makers, and students of conservation, art and art history with invaluable information and guidance.