The Gospel of John: A Universalistic Reading

The Gospel of John: A Universalistic Reading

Johnson Thomaskutty
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The Fourth Gospel functions as a literary masterpiece that facilitates a narrative beyond the time and space aspects. The Gospel’s linguistic phenomena and stylistic aspects are peculiar as they attune the attention of the readers to a dramatic and ideological world of its own. The connection between the narrator and the readers is established from an eternal vantage point as the narrator directs the readers towards atemporal and universal realities. The peculiar linguistic and idiosyncratic techniques of the narrator have the power to absorb the attention of the readers not only from a ‘there and then’ and ‘here and now’ senses but also from an ‘everywhere and ever’ perspective. In that sense, the Fourth Gospel functions as a gnomic and universalistic artistry. Contents Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1. Universalistic Linguistics and Literary Characteristics of John 1. Universalistic Language and Literary Style of the Fourth Gospel 2. Re-reading the Gospel of John in the Light of William Carey's Linguistic Methods 3. Dialogical Nature of John's Prologue 4. Dialogue as a Literary Genre in the Book of Sings (John 1:19-12:50) Part 2. Universalistic Nature of Themes and Characters in John 5. Glo[b/c]alization and Mission[s]: Reading John's Gospel 6. Missional-Pneumatology of the Fourth Gospel 7. Explorations of Prosperity in the Fourth Gospel 8. Characterization of Thomas in the Fourth Gospel Part 3. Dynamic Localization: Johannine Texts and the Contexts 9. Biblical Interpretation in the Global-Indian Context: Reading John 4:1-42 as a Paradigm 10. "Religious Freedom and Conversion in India Today": Reading John's Gospel as a Jewish-Christian Conflict Narrative 11. Johnnnine Women as Paradigms in the Indian Context 12. The Event of Foot Washing in John 13:1-20 as a Paradigm for Witnessing Christ in the Indian Context 13. Faith and Theology in the Johannine Community and in the Reformation: A Paradigm in the Indian Context 14. Reading John's Gospel in the Nepali Context 15. Reading John's Gospel in the Bangladeshi Context Bibliography Index of Ancient Sources Index of Authors