Swaminathan Commission: A Foundation of Farmer Policies in India

Swaminathan Commission: A Foundation of Farmer Policies in India

Shashank Dattatray Kulkarni
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Contents: Foreword Message Acknowledgments First Report: Serving Farmers and Saving Farming 1. Wake-up Call 2. An Integrated Life-Saving Support Programme for Farm Families Facing Distress 3. Productivity and Livelihood Enhancement in Rainfed Areas 4. A New Deal for Women in Agriculture 5. Strengthening and Expanding the Horticulture Revolution 6. Enhancing Cotton Productivity, Quality and Global Competitiveness 7. Sustaining and Expanding Farm Commodities Trade: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures 8. Towards an Era of Knowledge Intensive Agriculture Mission 2007: Every Village A Knowledge Centre 9. Food and Nutrition Security 10. Livestock and Livelihoods 11. Beyond Tsunami: Saving Lives and Livelihoods Second Report: From Crisis to Confidence 1. From Crisis to Confidence 2. Food for All 3. Fish for All 4. Enhancing Productivity, Profitability, Stability and Sustainability 4.1. High Agro System 4.2. Hill Agro System 4.3. Coastal Zone Agriculture 4.4. Mission for the Prosperity of Sugarcane Farmers 4.5. Conservation, Cultivation and Marketing of Medical Plants 4.6. Organic Farming 4.7. Biofuels 5. Agricultural Market Reforms Third Report: 2006: Year of Agricultural Renewal 1. 2006-07: Year of Agricultural Renewable 2. Strengthening Agricultural Research: Towards Science-Led Evergreen Revolution 3. Towards An Indian Single Market 4. Technology Mission: Way Forward Fourth Report: Jai Kisan: A Draft National Policy for Farmers 1. Ending the Era of Farmer’s Suicides and Low Agricultural Growth Rate: Synoptic Account of NCF Recommendations 2. Jai Kisan: Draft National Policy for Farmers 3. Guiding Principles Underlying the Draft National Policy for Farmers 3.1. Background 3.2. Land Policy 3.3. Water 3.4. Fisheries 3.5. Livestock 3.6. Agroforestry 3.7. Research and Technology Policy 3.8. Credit and Insurance 4. Towards A Biosecure Agriculture Fifth and Final Report: Towards Faster and More Inclusive Growth of Farmers’ Welfare 1. Putting Farmers First 2. Making Hunger History 3. Economic Access to Food: Improving Livelihood Opportunities and Incomes 4. Attracting and Retaining Youth in Farming: Uncommon Opportunities 5. Improving Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture 6. Strengthing the Coping Capacity of Farmers Under An Uncertain Trade Environment 7. Shaping the Economic Destiny of Farmers Annexure 1. Terms of Reference for National Commission on Farmers 2. Composition of the National Commission on Farmers This book is the review of all the five reports of National Commission on Farmers (NCF). In the modern agricultural history of India, this is the first and only commission which is exclusively constituted for farmers under the dynamic leadership of Prof. M. S. Swaminathan to provide solutions for agrarian crisis in the country. Based on the recommendations of NCF, Government of India approved its first National Policy for Farmers. It has been observed that due to voluminous nature and technical language of these reports so many important recommendations of the NCF are remain untouched by different stake holders. In this context author contributed some important years of his life to review all the five reports of NCF which makes it lucid, readable, brief and easily understandable for policy makers, agricultural officers, farmer leaders, researchers, students and farmers.