Wild Voyage

Wild Voyage

Roopkumar Rathor
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Roopkumar's beautiful presentation takes you on a journey into Nature's amazing world. What an amazing pleasure it has been! Gliding through and savouring magical moments in the Wilderness thru Roop Kumar's brilliant presentation. Wild Voyage...!! Roop's unique perspective opens another door into nature's enigmatic world. Something is not easily seen or visible - an emotional experience. Linger on the images and the images begin to express. The special moments in the wilderness bathed in equally stunning magical light have been captured and frozen for eternity by stunning images and timing. The dedication, passion and cinematographic excellence are reflected by the images. Each painting exuding the warm tones and mood of the subject. This has been a work of patience, crafted with care and wonderfully presented. Wild voyage actually transported me to the wilds. Leaving me wanting more. The Earth needs more Roop kumars!!