Yaksha Katha: Cult & Mythology

Yaksha Katha: Cult & Mythology

M L Varadpande
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The mysterious nature spirits of great antiquity, the Yakshas and their female counterparts beautiful Yakshinis, formed the part of Indian folk and classical pantheon. They are mentioned with reverence in the Vedas, Upanishadas, Epics and Puranas and their enchanting stories are found in works like Buddhist Jatakas and Kathasaritsagara and numerous other literary works. The book presents charming Yaksha mythology essentially taken from Buddhist Jatakas and Kathasaritsagara. It also speaks of origin and spread of Yaksha cult, temples built in their honour, mode of Yaksha. Since ancient times colossal image of Yakshas were sculpted, they formed the part of Indian monuments. The origin of Indian statuary can be traced to them hence they were known as ‘Grand ancestors of Indian Statutory.’ Their role of worship was different from Vedic Brahmanical Yajna rituals. It was adopted by popular Hinduism to worship their deities. Yaksha cult played great part in the evolution of popular Hinduism.