Emperor Of Kashmir Lalitaditya The Great

Emperor Of Kashmir Lalitaditya The Great

Sanjay Sonawani Translated from original Marathi by Prashant Talnikar Edited by Shirish Shinde
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He built the largest empire after Ashoka. He constructed massive edifices which defy the vagaries of time and stand out even today. He drove away the Arabs from northwesern India and conquered the far out 'Tokharistan (North Hindukush). He controlled the international trade routes from Tokharistan to China by repeatedly defeating the then powerful Tibet. He checkmated China with his diplomacy. He routed the great Yashovarman of Kanauj andestablished own rule in half of India. And yet the history. quite ungratefully, ignored him. He is the eighth century Emperor of Kashmir Lalitaditya Muktapida. Renowned author and historian Sanjay Sonawani brings to lightthe life and times of the exemplary kingof Kashmir after a painstaking research.