Organic Farming: Economics, Policy and Practices

  • Title : Organic Farming: Economics, Policy and Practices
  • Author : Hari Ram Prajapati
  • ISBN 13 : 9789353882402
  • Year : 2020
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Organic farming has experienced steady growth in terms of production, number of growers, area under cultivation and rise in use of organic inputs across India and Asia in general in recent times. It has gradually emerged as a viable substitute for the high-cost, high-polluting mechanized farming prevalent in many parts of the world, including India. This book starts with an extensive description of the economics of organic farming. Food products are grown by two groups—conventional growers, who target the mass market, and organic growers who target either the ‘niche urban market’ or the worldwide export market. The demand for major organic food items such as milk, meat, eggs and dairy products is growing rapidly in national urban and international markets. On the other hand, the conventional grower has a large share of both national and international markets. The book clearly differentiates between the economics of these two product and farming types. The book closely analyses why some Indian states are doing better than others and why some countries are doing better than others in Asia in organic farming. It describes the state-wise growth of the organic market in India as a result of the proactive policies and actions of states which are more successful than others. The book also presents exhaustively the international organic farming rules and regulations based on four principles—health, ecology, fairness and care, which constitute the basis for the formulation of rules and regulations by all countries, which in turn further enable the expansion and development of organic farming along scientific and democratic lines. Contents: Foreword by Yoginder K Alagh Preface Acknowledgements Section I: Economic Theories ORGANIC PRODUCER AND ECONOMIC MODEL Introduction Meaning and Definitions The Economic Model An Overview of Problem Some Economics Issue of Organic Producer ECONOMIC THEORIES AND ORGANIC FARMING Introduction Classical Theory of Production and Organic Farming Neoclassical Theory of Production and Organic Farming Modern Theory of Production and Organic Farming Empirical Enquiry on Production Theories in Agriculture and Organic Farming FARM HOUSEHOLD THEORIES AND ORGANIC FARMING Introduction Profit-Maximizing Theory and Organic Farming Utility Maximization Theory and Organic Farming The Risk-Averse Theory and Organic Farming Empirical Studies of Farm Household Behaviour and Organic Farming PRODUCER BEHAVIOUR, RESOURCE ALLOCATION AND ORGANIC FARMING Introduction Theories of Resource Allocation and Organic Farming Game Theory, Resource Allocation and Organic Farming Technological Adaptation and Organic Farming DUALITY THEORY OF PRODUCTION Introduction Duality Theory The Cost Function Approach The Profit Function Approach Farm Household Approach Section II: Market Structure TWO GROUP NON-COLLUSIVE MODEL Introduction Two Groups Non-Collusive Model Product Differentiation and Demand Curve Two Groups-Two Price Model PRODUCER BEHAVIOUR AND NICHE MARKET Introduction Producer Behaviour and Niche Market The Economic Model for Niche Market Equilibrium in Input Sector Equilibrium in Organic Sector Public Policy and Emergence of Organic Farming ORGANIC OUTPUT MARKET IN ASIA Introduction Organic Output Market in Asia Main Organic Market in Asia ORGANIC INPUT AND OUTPUT MARKET IN INDIA Introduction Organic Output Market in India Organic Input Market in India Organic Output External Market Section III: Descriptive Analysis ORGANIC FARMING IN ASIA Introduction Status and Growth of Organic Farming in Asia Major Organic Producer Countries in Asia ORGANIC FARMING IN INDIA Introduction History of Organic Farming Status and Growth of Organic Farming in India Causes of Clusters in Organic Farming in India HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN Introduction Nutritional and Health Concern on Organic Food Environmental Concern of Organic Food Section IV: Public Policy INTERNATIONAL POLICY AND REGULATION Introduction International Policy and Laws of Organic Farming Principle of Organic Agriculture Implementation of the Principles NATIONAL POLICY AND REGULATION Introduction National Policy for Promoting Organic Farming Certification Process and PGS-India Programme Present Status of PGS-India Community Based Scheme for Organic Farming STATE POLICY AND REGULATION Introduction State Wise Organic Farming Policy Zone Wise Organic Farming Policy Index