Breathless: Hunted and Hounded, the Tiger Runs for its Life

Breathless: Hunted and Hounded, the Tiger Runs for its Life

Deshdeep Saxena
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This is the first ever work on the tiger which takes into account all aspects of tiger conservation and the global threats that tigers face today. The book details spine-chilling true incidents of rampant tiger killings for, among other body parts, its bones, which are boiled into glue for consumption in many parts of the world. At a time when global warming has made the tiger more vulnerable, successive governments in India are still pushing for environmentally unavoidable projects, like linking of the Ken and Beta rivers – a Scheme that is certain to spell the death-knell for the panna tiger Reserve and the invaluable and irreplaceable ecology that has evolved around it over the centuries. Most of the existing jungles are witnessing increasingly lethal fights for territory between tigers because of rapidly depleting forest spaces, and forest corridors connecting one jungle to another, in all 13 countries where the tiger is found. The critical need of the hour is to conserve and further develop existing National parks and also identifying more protected areas not only for conservation of this magnificent beast, but also for the survival of the human race in view of the climate change happening.