Flora of Eastern Ghats Volume 6 Hydrocharitaceae-Cyperaceae

Flora of Eastern Ghats Volume 6 Hydrocharitaceae-Cyperaceae

T Pullaiah and S Karuppusamy
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Eastern Ghats, one of the nine floristic zones in India, are located between 1 1°50'-22°N latitutde and 76'50'-86°30' E longitude in a north-east to south-west strike. In the present volume Systematic enumeration of Monocot families (except Orchidaceae and Poaceeae) is given. Families are arranged according to Bentham and Hooker's system with incorporation of recent changes. Under each family key to the genera, followed by genus with its authority, keys to the species, and species enumeration is given. The genera under the family and species under each genus are arranged in alphabetical sequence. Keys are of the indented type. The enumeration of the species includes citation according to ICN, basionym and synonyms if any, description and distribution in the Eastern Ghats, flowering and fruiting period, vernacular names if any, specimens examined and distribution in lndia and World. Index to families, genera, species and vernacular names are given at the end. Line drawings of most of the species and photographs of many species are also given.