Upstream: An Autobiography

Upstream: An Autobiography

Deep C Anand
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Upstream is the story of a remarkable journey, from a boyhood in pre-partition Lahore, then in Shimla post-Independence, to the creation of the unique entrepreneurial vision that is the ANAND group. Deep Anand's diverse conglomerate of companies and businesses is a herculean achievement. It is the story of the flowering of India's engineering and manufacturing expertise decades before Make in India. None of this would have happened without Anand's ability to attract talented Indians from different regions and provinces of a richly diverse nation and bring home those working abroad--to create a unique blend of skills, cultures, languages, and beliefs. Upstream is a fascinating insight into the art of foraging and managing joint venture partnerships with leading global companies and how to survive inevitable challenges and crisis and emerge stronger. Equally, it is about the people who have made the ANAND group the successful venture that holds diversity together now and into the future.