Contemporary Health Issues in India: Challenges and Responses

  • Title : Contemporary Health Issues in India: Challenges and Responses
  • Author : Edited by Anuradha Banerjee
  • ISBN 13 : 9788194186687
  • Year : 2019
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This book is a compilation of eighteen articles on various issues related to health in contemporary India. Health is a pre-requisite not only for all life processes, but also is a basic element for human and national development. Providing good health to all pose considerable challenges to the state and national governments. The articles produced in this book have been based on individual research pertaining to the broad area of health, based on both macro data sets as well as field-based investigations. The book consists of eight broad sections to provide a holistic and comprehensive view of different health issues of India. The first section of the book is on Epidemiological Transition in India. The other sections include: Maternal and Child Health; Adolescent Health; Reproductive Health; Health of the Elderly; Health of Marginalised Communities; Public Health Issues and Health Policies and Programmes in Contemporary India. An attempt has been made to highlight the health issues of poor and backward regions in particular.