Stress Diaries: From the Eyes of a Therapist (Paperback)

Stress Diaries: From the Eyes of a Therapist (Paperback)

Rachna Khanna Singh
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Are you stressed? Is maintaining a healthy lifestyle becoming a challenge for you? Do you have a tough boss to deal with? Should you please your parents-in-law or pursue your career? Have you ever been caught in the whirlpool of office gossip or politics? Has anybody behaved inappropriately with you at work? Do you think your partner is having an affair? Do you find it difficult to control your temper? If you relate to any of the above questions, then this book is just for you! In today's time and age, life is fast, and we juggle several roles at the same time. No one is free of stress and emotional troubles, and this trend is increasingly surfacing in the workspace, threatening work-life balance. Issues in the professional sphere, the fear of resignation, unhappiness at work and a consequent state of distress are not unheard of. It is, therefore, imperative to deal with this new upcoming epidemic. In an attempt to address these wide-ranging problems, Stress Diaries is an interactive self-help book comprising real-life stories and anecdotal narratives of people's struggles in their work environment, and the way in which they emerged victorious with the help of therapy. This book is based on concrete methodology and comprises assessments, self-help tools, and specialised tips and tricks to deal with our daily problems. A comprehensive compilation, this will help you manage your emotional troubles better and will prove to be a journey of hope.