Agricultural input and Environment (Hardback)

  • Title : Agricultural input and Environment (Hardback)
  • Author : Edited by S P Palaniappan
  • ISBN 13 : 9788172331221
  • Year : 2020
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After the green revolution was launched in India, substantial increase in the production of food-grains was achieved through the use of improved crop varieties and higher levels of inputs like fertilizers, water and plant protection chemicals. This made the revolution possible but it has limitations of higher costs and of causing damage to the environment especially when inputs are not used efficiently and judiciously. A decline of yields are being reported from the green revolution belts of India, in spite of liberal application of fertilizers and other inputs. The environmental problems are now becoming real problems of the developing countries as well as the developing world. This disturbing trend is attributed to soil degradation, multi nutrient deficiencies and pest and diseases build up. The use of chemical inputs increases yields for a limited period, but without good management there is rapid deterioration of land and water resources. Inefficient use of fertilizers results in polluting the environment, in addition to wastage of scarce resource. It is therefore imperative to conserve and utilize optimally the available production resources like land, water and genetic diversity and to efficiently manage the agricultural inputs for sustaining high crop productivity on a long term basis, with minimum damage to ecological and socio-economic environment. In this context, publication of a reference book on “Agricultural Input and Environment” is timely and appropriate. As the scientists, students, planners, administrators and extensionists recognize the importance of environmental problems related to agriculture, but they need ready reference to learn more about the problems, plan research agenda and develop strategies to tackle the problems. Hence, an attempt has been made to compile the information and presents in a readable form in this book. The book not only covers the effect of excessive use of chemical inputs on the environment but also the effect of other human activities on agricultural production. It is sure that the book will be of immense use of post-graduate students and research workers in agricultural and environmental sciences, extension workers, progressive farmers, officials of the department of agriculture, environment and pollution control board administrators, planners and policy makers and the technical staff working in the agricultural input industry. Contents:1.Nitrate pollution in ground water – SP. Palaniappan & K. Annadurai 2.Phosphorus and ecosystems - SP. Palaniappan & K. Annadurai 3.Heavy metal pollution in soil and ground water – Rani Perumal & S. Thiageswari 4.Chloride toxicity in soils – S. Mahinairaja & R.K. Kalessari 5.Fluoride accumulation and toxicity - SP. Palaniappan & K. Annadurai & S. Mahimairaja 6.Nitrous oxide emissions and environment – K. Annadurai, SP. Palaniappan & C. Udayasooriam 7.Biogenic sulphur emissions – SP. Palaniappan & K. Annadurai 8.Methane emission and environment – C. Udayasoorian, Shyam Lal and K. Annadurai 9.Agriculture and climate change – T.N. Balasubramanian and SP. Palaniappan 10.Acid Soils and environment – John Kutty and SP. Palaniappan 11.Problem soils in coastal ecosystem – SP Palaniappan et al. 12.Desertification and environment – C. Chinnusamy et al. 13.Effect of poor quality irrigation water on soil – S. Purusothaman, Mrinal Saikia and B.J. Pandian 14.Potential hazards of organic manures – SP Palaniappan, K. Annadurai & K. Siddeswaran 15.Effect of industrial and sewage effluents on soil and crop production – P. Singaram 16.Herbicide residues in soil-plant water systems – R. Jeyakumar 17.Pesticides in the environment – A. Regupathy & K. Bhuvaneswari