Realpolitik: Exposing India’s Political System (Paperback)

  • Title : Realpolitik: Exposing India’s Political System (Paperback)
  • Author : Mamta Chitnis Sen
  • ISBN 13 : 9789353885441
  • Year : 2020
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  • Selling Price : Rs 426
  • Discount : 14%
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Political parties are more than just an idea or a representation. They are full-fledged organizations of committed grassroot-level workers helping to build the party brick by brick. Many factors come into play in the rise and survival of a political party. In this book, various leaders and party workers from across party lines bring you insight stories about their associations with political parties, their role in electioneering and fundraising, their emotional investment and its toll on their personal and professional lives. Realpolitik: Exposing India’s Political System delves into the structure and hierarchy of political parties, political godfathers and dynasty politics. It examines the career roadmap of political workers, appeasement of marginalized groups for vote bank politics, tackling dissent, the play of power and money, and the setbacks when tall leaders desert the party. A deeply fascinating read for people interested in the Indian political system and a ‘manual’ for those interested in a career in Indian politics.