A Diagnostic Manual for Parasites of Veterinary Importance (Hardback)

  • Title : A Diagnostic Manual for Parasites of Veterinary Importance (Hardback)
  • Author : Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Pradeep Kumar and Daya Shanker
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388892735
  • Year : 2021
  • MRP : Rs 2450
  • Selling Price : Rs 1936
  • Discount : 21%
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Parasitic infections are a major global concern, adversely affects animal health and responsible for significant economic losses in terms of decreased milk production, meat quality, depreciation of hide, manure and draught power. A precise and confirmatory diagnosis is required for specific treatment of ecto- and endo-parasites. Morphological identification of parasites is an old but gold standard methods for diagnosis. This is also more economical over advanced diagnostic methods where sophisticated laboratories with expensive instruments and chemicals are required. A book explaining specific identification characters and images of parasites provide synergism in diagnosis. There is a need of a book for cost-effective and field-oriented veterinary Medical Practitioner’s friendly diagnosis of parasites without using costly molecular biology tools. The present book “A Diagnostic Manual for Parasites of Veterinary Importance” is prepared with aims to provide a comprehensive approach used in the diagnosis of parasites in a summarized way with their microscopic images. Contents: Section 1 Diagnostic Techniques Collection of faecal sample Transportation of the sample Gross examination of faeces Microscopic examination Faecal culture Examination of blood Examination of Nasal discharges Examination of Urine Examination of skin for parasites Examination of parasites in miscellaneous locations Section 2 Identification of Helminth Parasites TREMATODES Genus / Genera Dicrocoelium Eurytrema Heterophyes Prosthogonimus Opisthorchis Clonorchis Fasciola Fasciolopsis Echinostoma Paragonimus Ogmocotyle Paramphistomum Cotylophoron Calicophoron Gigantocotyle Gastrothylax Fischoederius Carmyerius Gastrodiscus Gastrodiscoides Pseudodiscus Schistosoma Ornithobilharzia CESTODES Genus / Genera Anoplocephala Paranoplocephala Moniezia Avitellina Stilesia Thysanosoma Thysaniezia Davainea Cotugnia Raillietina Amoebotaenia Choanotaenia Dipylidium Hymenolepis Taenia Echinococcus Diphyllobothrium NEMATODES Genus / Genera Ascaris Parascaris Toxocara Toxascaris Ascaridia Heterakis Oxyuris Strongyloides Strongylus Chabertia Oesophagostomum Syngamus Stephanurus Ancylostoma Gaigeria Bunostomum Trichostrongylus Ostertagia Cooperia Paracooperia Nematodirus Haemonchus Mecistocirrus Dictyocaulus Protostrongylus Muellerius Metastrongylus Habronema Draschia Thelazia Oxyspirura Spirocerca Ascarops Physocephalus Gongylonema Dirofilaria Parafilaria Setaria Stephanofilaria Onchocerca Dracunculus Trichinella Trichuris Macracanthorhynchus Section 3 Identification of arthropod parasites POULTRY LICE Genus / Genera Lipeurus Menacanthus Goniodes Menopon Columbicola MAMMALIAN LICE Genus / Genera Damalinia Trichodectes Haematopinus Linognathus Genus / Genera Cimex Triatoma FLEAS Genus / Genera Ctenocephalides Ctenocephalides Echidnophaga Xenopsylla Pulex FLIES Genus / Genera Anopheline Culicine Culicoides Simulium Phlebotomus Tabanus Chrysops Haematopota Gasterophilus Musca Stomoxys Glossina Calliphorinae (Lucilia, Calliphora, Phormia, Chrysomyia, Sarcophaga) Hypoderma Oestrus Hippobosca Melophagus Pseudolynchia ARACHNIDS Genus / Genera Demodex Sarcoptes Psoroptes Otodectis Argus Ixodes Boophilus Rhipicephalus Haemaphysalis Hyalomma Dermacentor Amblyomma Pentastomatid Section 4 Identification of Protozoan Parasites Genus / Genera Trypanosoma Leishmania Giardia Tritrichomonas Entamoeba Eimeria Isospora Sarcocystis Toxoplasma Hepatozoon Plasmodium Haemoproteus Leucocytozoon Babesia Theileria Balantidium Buxtonella Anaplasma Ehrlichia Section 5 Preparation of Solutions / Reagents for Diagnosis of Parasites