Arecanut (Hardback)

Arecanut (Hardback)

P Chowdappa
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Contents: 1.History and socio-cultural links 2.Developmental initiatives in arecanut sector 3.Botany 4.Crop Improvement 5.Production systems 6.Arecanut based cropping/farming systems 7.Diseases 8.Pests 9.Biochemical constituents and their effects on human health 10.Alternate uses of arecanut and its by products 11.Processing and grading 12.Arecanut economics and marketing. This book "Arecanut" has come up on a right time when arecanut has been allegedly associated with ill-effects of human health despite having the rich history of medicinal properties and scientific evidences supporting the health benefits. Authors have dispelled the myths surrounding the use of arecanut and highlighted the economic and health benefits. The book also delves into all the crop management strategies and processing techniques, and economic aspects making it an appropriate ready-reckoner for cultivators,researchers,students,plantaion managers,medical practioners and the policy makers alike.