The Corbett Story: Unfolding the Tiger Reserve (Hardback)

  • Title : The Corbett Story: Unfolding the Tiger Reserve (Hardback)
  • Author : Anjali Bharthari
  • ISBN 13 : 9788121110181
  • Year : 2020
  • Language : English
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  • Selling Price : Rs 2500
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This first-of-its-kind book traces 84 years of the conservation history of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Corbett Tiger Reserve named after Jim Corbett takes his legacy forward and this book chronicles his efforts and passion to conserve India's wildlife. It unfolds the various stages of making it a benchmark in tiger conservation. The natural heritage of Corbett is presented through more than a hundred archival photographs that highlight its beauty and celebrate its diversity. The journey is brought to life in the well-researched stories recounted here. The book is a collector’s choice for those who cherish the heritage of the first national park of the Indian subcontinent. It gives a deep insight into the reserve and visitors to the park will find the book an invaluable companion to their discovery of the beauty and magic of this reserve.