Abiotic Stress Management for Climate Smart Agriculture (Hardback)

Abiotic Stress Management for Climate Smart Agriculture (Hardback)

M Prakash
1936 2450 (21% off)
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Agriculture Production and Productivity are vulnerable to abiotic stresses. These stresses are major challenges for production of crops livesstock and fisheries only 9% of the world's agriculture area is conductive for crop production whereas 91% is under stresses which occur in combinations.While losses to an extent of more than 50% of Agricultural Production occur due to abiotic stresses their intensity and adverse impact are likely to amplify manifold in the climate change era end overexploitation of natural resources. This book offers a state-of the art overview of an abiotic stress in term of the challenges scope and opportunities strategies for adaptation and mitigation using novel tools for building climate smart agriculture in crops and livestock this book consists of 17 chapters covering moisture stress heat stress coastal ecosystem salinity stress and genetic Engineeing this book focuses on approaches and techniques that are essential for the sustainable agriculture.This book will offer new perspectives in the versatile field of abiotic stress management and will be such useful for various stakeholders including agricultural students environmentalists policy makers and social scientists.