Youth Bulge and Rising Terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Hardback)

  • Title : Youth Bulge and Rising Terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Hardback)
  • Author : Shesanjali Panda and Narottam Gaan
  • ISBN 13 : 9788170264279
  • Year : 2019
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  • Selling Price : Rs 942
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In the traditional paradigm of realism and neorealism security has been understood as centering on state and its military and strategic establishment. In a preconceived and on a priori analysis the international system being anarchic the states solely depending on self-help are bound to view the world in binaries such as self-versus- the other. The other is always a threat or in a position to be menaced by similar states. It means, the states in their security framework keep spatial distancing or walling out the other as the fulcrum. In preoccupation with this traditional conceptualization is absent the analysis of threats from the non-traditional sources, such as climate change, environmental crisis, poverty and demography. In recent years, the population age structure and youth bulge and its impact on security, conflict and terrorism has been at the centerstage of analysis. The present work stands as a testament to the linkage between terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan and youth bulge.