Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices (Paperback)

Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices (Paperback)

Bijendra Kumar Singh and Rajaneesh Singh
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The present book entitled Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices, Section I is ventured with the objective to provide latest possible informations on fundamentals of breeding of horticultural crop including Centre of origin, mode of reproduction, Breeding system, Breeding methods, Breeding for Pest and Disease Resistance, and Intellectual property rights. Section II including Cytotaxonomy and Breeding Behaviour of Fruit Crops i.e., Mango, guava, citrus, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, and temperate fruits. Section III refers to breeding behaviour of vegetable crops i.e. tomato, brinjal, chilli, cole crops, okra, pea, and cucurbit crops. Section IV includes vegetable seed production technology i.e. seed production techniques, development of seeds, seed production of vegetable crops, and hybrid seed production.' Table of Contents Forewordv Prefacevii 1.Introduction3 2.Centres of Origin8 3.Modes of Reproduction11 4.Breeding System24 5.Breeding Methods54 6.Germplasm of Vegetable Crops96 7.Biotechnology in Vegetable Crops104 8.Breeding for Disease Resistance120 9.Breeding for Insect Resistance131 10.Intellectual Property Rights139 11.Mango149 12.Banana154 13.Papaya162 14.Guava169 15.Citrus175 16.Grape186 17.Pomegranate194 18.Pineapple198 19 Sapota202 20.Temperate Fruits205 ion-III BreedingBehaviour of Vegetable Crops 21.Tomato215 22.Brinjal223 23.Chilli228 24.Cauliflower232 25.Cabbage237 26.Okra244 27.Carrot248 28.Onion253 29.Garden Pea258 30.Cucurbits262 31.Vegetable Seed Industry271 32.Seed Production Techniques275 33.Development of Seeds291 34.Seed Production of Vegetables296 35.Hybrid Seed Production303 Index309