Vegetable Production Handbook (Hardback)

Vegetable Production Handbook (Hardback)

Manoj Kumar,Sandeep Chopra and Satesh Kumar
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This Vegetable Production Handbook is intended for the vegetable growers who have to make numerous managerial decisions. Although the proper choice of the variety, application, pesticide, equipment, fertilizer, and cultural practice are the individual vegetable grower’s responsibility, it is intended that these recommenda-tions will facilitate decision-making. Local weather conditions, grower experience, and variety may facilitate successful harvest on crops planted outside the planting. This can be evaluated in consultation with the local educators and state specialists. The publication includes new information that evolves in the rapidly changing vegetable farming. The role of various nutrients along with their deficiency symptoms is included in the book. The major weeds, pests and diseases as well as their management are described in this book. The book can be very useful for the students of graduate level, post graduate level, doctorate level and for preparing various competitive examinations. The book is indispensable for undergraduate programme in agriculture and horticulture and gives a comprehensive picture on the production scenario of vegetables in the country. The students, teachers, researchers and other interested in the field of vegetable production and breeding will be immensely benefited.