A New Critical Edition and Response to Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko (Hardback)

A New Critical Edition and Response to Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko (Hardback)

Edited by Sabuj Sarkar, Biplab Das and Gopal Sarkar
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Oroonoko (1688), one of the most important prose fictions in the history of British Literature by the first recognised female writer, Aphra Behn, promulgates the expression of the suffering of the poor slaves, or what is now termed as slave narrative, and introduces to the global space the genesis of racial issues which is so prominent in postcolonial theory and postcolonial literature. It is a multilayered text which is not discussed as it demands. Basically our endeavour is directed towards the holistic step so that students, general literature lovers and feminist scholars can relook at Aphra Behn’s work and present something new about her. This edited volume contains a well researched introduction, a modern edition of the text, well-documented endnotes and ten scholarly articles from diverse perspectives contributed by renowned academicians and researchers. These highly enriched articles would be a nice compendium to the students of Graduation and Post Graduation level, general Behn readers and for those who want to reassess Behn’s role in women’s movement. Probably, there is no International or National edition of the text which has incorporated such vast study from multifarious angles.