How to Diagnose a Disease: By Applying Traditional Chinese Medicine (Paperback)

  • Title : How to Diagnose a Disease: By Applying Traditional Chinese Medicine (Paperback)
  • Author : Pankaj Gupta
  • Year : 2019
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I am a Teacher and an AVID Thinker in the stream of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Meridian & it Energy ), It gives me great pleasure & happiness to have written a book how to diagnose a disease , based on traditional Chinese Patterns Diagnosis, As we know TCM diagnosis is the best diagnosis method in the all Pathies , Why ? Because in in China it has been a tradition in Chinese Medicine & has been successfully used from the last 5000 Year. What I have contributed with this method... ? Actually I have been associated with the Pharmaceutical Industry, and worked with 'Sun Pharma' for over 10 year , then I had the privilege of being associated with Acupressure/Acupuncture in the year 2005, TCM interested me so much that my passion ever increased which beckoned me to deepen my study and practicing in the field with phenomenal results and found that ones only approach and deep study in the field of TCM makes brought me towards perfection , My main emphasis on how to diagnose a disease, and background as a pharma consultant enabled me to easily understand and explain the Difference, Relation between ,Merits and Demerits, and how one can handle when a diseased person come to you for treatment, you can not stop medication and you do not know how you handle the side effect of the drugs ,and how you proceed with your Pathy, I feel privileged to share and enlighten the methodology to solve most of these problems, and take you towards perfection. Hope you too can take advantage of this methodology I am sharing in this book, with and easy to understand approach.