Diseases Of Field And Horticultural Crops (Hardback)

Diseases Of Field And Horticultural Crops (Hardback)

P Chowdappa
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'In keeping with advances in technologies, this book is a comprehensive and illustrated up-to-date resource on the diseases of important field and horticultural crops. This book offers full information on the causes, distribution, symptoms, epidemiology and integrated management strategies for diseases found in 30 crops. The text is illustrated with diagrams, colour photographs and tables for quick and easy understanding of the subject. It serves as source book for professional plant pathologists, students, seed companies and growers who want to identify and manage diseases.' Table of Contents Foreword Preface List of Contributors 1.Diseases of Rice 1 2.Diseases of Maize 32 3.Diseases of Sorghum61 4.Diseases of Chickpea89 5.Diseases of Sugarcane113 6.Diseases of Tobacco167 7.Diseases of Bast Fibre Crops197 8.Diseases of Groundnut 225 9.Diseases of Rapeseed-Mustard 250 10.Diseases of Sunflower273 11.Diseases of Castor, Safflower and Sesame302 12.Diseases of Apple and Pear346 13.Diseases of Stone Fruits and Walnuts390 14.Diseases Bananas and Plantains 426 15.Diseases of Cardamom456 16.Crop losses in Cucurbits by Diseases475 17.Diseases of Carnation 490 18.Diseases of Chrysanthemum520