Open Embrace: India-US Ties in a Divided World (Paperback)

Open Embrace: India-US Ties in a Divided World (Paperback)

Varghese K George
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India and the US, the two biggest democracies of the world, are confronting unprecedented challenges. Both societies are trying to reimagine their organizing principles while accounting for the tensions unleashed by globalization. Strong currents of nationalism are sweeping both these countries. Long-held assumptions are being questioned in both societies as they negotiate a new social contract and rework their respective places in the world order, which is itself under strain. There is a strong desire in both countries to come closer. Open Embrace examines the political forces within these two societies to understand the changes in strategy and their impact on bilateral ties. The book elucidates the Hindutva Strategic Doctrine, which guides Indian policy, and argues that 'America First' politics is not fading away anytime soon, with or without Donald Trump. 'There's no longer a bright line between foreign and domestic policy,' Joe Biden declared in his first foreign policy speech as president. This book makes sense of how that barrier is being erased in India and the US.