Ornamental Horticulture

Ornamental Horticulture

P Karuppaiah and K Manivannan
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This book fulfills the need for the beginners because the text provides necessary blend of theory and practical application of ornamental horticulture that makes the subject more meaningful. It also offers a balanced study of ornamental horticulture as applied science and a craft. This book consists of twenty four chapters devoted to the science of ornamental horticulture. One chapter completely deals with scope, importance and opportunities of ornamental horticulture. Two chapters explain the brief history of ornamental horticulture, and different styles used in different area. It also gives glimpses of famous gardens in India and abroad. Nearly seven chapters explain the importance, uses, silhouettes, botany, classification, care and maintenance of softscape (Living) components including turf and turf management in ornamental gardens. The importance, uses, methods of construction and maintenance of non-living (Hardscape) elements are also discussed at length. Propagation, containers, soil, media and nutrition of ornamental plants are thoroughly explained in two chapters. Ornamental plant growth regulations through various methods are also discussed. The common ornamental plants pests and diseases, their symptoms, principles and methods of control are also discussed in detail. One chapter explains the psychological and social aspects of ornamental plants and some details on environmental horticulture. Beauty components, colours concepts, principles and concepts of designing the ornamental garden are also discussed in length. Matching criteria of soft and hardscape elements, site analysis, cliental preference, fundamentals and methods of landscape drawing are also explained elaborately. The horticultural crafting such as bonsai and terrarium making also explained very well. Special discussions on various special types of garden are also made in two chapters. Important tools and equipments of ornamental horticulture are also highlighted. Contents: Scope, Importance and Opportunities of Ornamental and Landscape Horticulture History of Gardening Styles (or) Types of Ornamental Gardening Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Turf and Truf Making Creepers, Climbers and Annuals Hedges, Edges, Topiary, Trophy and Carpet Beds Indoor Plants and Plants for Special Purposes Cactus, Succulents and Rosarium Ferns, Selaginella, Palms and Cycads Propagation of Ornamental Plants Containers, Soil, Media and Nutrition of Ornamental Plants Pruning, Training and Growth Regulation of Ornamental Plants Pest and Disease Management of Ornamental Plants Environmental Horticulture-Psychological and Social Aspects of Ornamental Plants Hardscape (Non � Living) Elements Beauty Components, Principles and Concepts of Landscape Designing Site Analysis, Cliental Preference and Selection of Plants and Enrichment Items to Match the Design Criteria Fundamentals of Landscape Drawing and Drawing Methods Special Types of Garden � Water Garden, Sunken Garden, Marsh or Bog Garden and Rock garden Special Types of Garden- Terrace Garden, Paved Garden, Roof Garden, Vertical Garden, Meditation and Yoga Garden Bonsai Terrarium Garden Tools and Implements