India's Emerging Challenges and Way Forward (Hardback)

India's Emerging Challenges and Way Forward (Hardback)

Edited by Dr Anurag Tripathi and Gaurav Kumar
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The twenty-first century is likely to sustain more transformational, innovative and challenging trends than any other century in the past. In this context, India is bound to visualise a relatively wider and more comprehensive vision of national security in the foreseeable future. As an important growing player in world politics, India’s internal and external security challenges are an important matter to study. This book covers various aspects of India’s internal and external security challenges. It is a compilation of scholarly works focusing on different strategic issues of India’s concern which include maritime security, Naxal issues, insurgency problem, geo-economics, ethnic conflict, climate change, cyber security and so on. Contents: Foreword Contributors 1 Introduction by Dr. Anurag Tripathi & Gaurav Kumar Section I - India’s Internal Security Challenges And The Way Ahead 2 Counter Terrorism Policy of India: An Overview by Dr. Vineeth Thomas 3 Jammu and Kashmir: Post Revocation of Article 370 by Mr. Varun Bhagat 4 Arunachal Pradesh: Containing Spill Over Insurgency & Deepening The Dawn of Development by Mr. Giriraj Bhattacharjee 5 External Linkages To Left Wing Extremism in India by Ms. Shuchi Shah 6 Safety and Security of Nuclear Power Plants in India by Mr. Avala Gnaneswar Reddy 7 Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Strategic Springboard of India by Mr. Thejus Gireesh 8 India’s Coastal Security by Mr. Udbhav Krishna P 9 Threats to Internal Security From Cyberspace by Commander Subhasish Sarangi 10 India’s Neighbourhood First Policy: The Current State and The Way Ahead by Mr. Gaurav Kumar Section II - External Dimensions of India’s Security Threats and Future Prospects 11 The Dragon’s Shadow on The Himalayan Kingdom by Ms. Sandra Sreevalsan 12 China-Pakistan Collusive Threat: A Challenge to India by Mr. Granth Vanaik 13 China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and Their Possible Implications by Mr. Mohammed Shahrukh 14 An Analysis of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and its Implications for India by Ms. Aiman Usmani 15 Threats to Indian Diaspora in West Asia and The Way Ahead by Ms. Palak Bhatia 16 India-Iran Relations: Challenges and Future Prospects by Ms. Nitya Jadeja 17 India and Sri Lanka – Challenges and Prospects by Ms. Challa Sruthi 18 India – Maldives Relation: Challenges and Way Ahead by Ms. Shruti Kunhiraman 19 China’s Presence in East Africa: Implications For India by Mr. Vignesh Namani Index