Re-Emerging Russia and India Russia Relations

Re-Emerging Russia and India Russia Relations

Prof R G Gidadhubli
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The book highlights how Russia is reemerging as a major power after the breakup of the former Soviet Union, which was a Super-power. During the last three decades since 1991, Russia has been passing through, under the presidencies of Boris Yeltsin, Dmitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, transition from the totalitarian Communist system to political democracy and market economy. Putin having total control of power has undertaken policy measures to make Russia energy Super-Power and enhance Russia's Military Power to contain NATO. Russia being subjected to economic sanctions by the West has shifted its focus on 'Look-East Policy' to strengthen relations with China.Constitutional amendments initiated by Putin in June-July 2020 will enable him to remain in power beyond 2024. India Russia political relations have been close and consistent and Russia continues to be a major supplier of defense equipments, even as bilateral trade and economic ties are far from satisfactory. The book will have great relevance to media groups, political analysts ,academic community, teachers andstudents who are interested in international relations, contemporary Russia and India-Russia relations.