India-Central Asia Relations: The Road Ahead

India-Central Asia Relations: The Road Ahead

Edited by Athar Zafar
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In last three decades Central Asia has made notable political and economic developments. The region is in India’s neighbourhood has civilisational linkages. Central Asia is gradually gaining prominence among policy makers and academia in India particularly due to its location, resources and rich cultural heritage. In recent years there have been growing consultations among Central Asian leaders and consequently cooperation has increased, especially on cross border movement of people and goods. Multiple initiatives have been launched by countries in the region to improve infrastructure and efficient transportation through strengthened connectivity links. There is growing mutual interest among scholars in India and Central Asia, and ICWA holds the India-Central Asia academic dialogue to explore possibilities of deepening cooperation for common gains. The present book is an outcome of such scholarly interactions and an effort to contribute to the pool of knowledge on South Asia and Central Asia. Contents: Foreword Contributors Introduction 1. The Afghanistan Factor in Central Asia: Some Perspectives K. Warikoo 2. The Impact of Anti-Terrorist Measures in Afghanistan on the Neighbouring Countries R. A. Tairov 3. The Assessment of Terrorism Threats (Including those from Afghanistan) and Security Measures: The Case of Uzbekistan MavlanovIbragim 4. Diplomacy on the Great Silk Route and Its Value for the Development of Intra- and Intercontinental Connectivity of the Central Asian Countries KairatOsmonaliev 5. Role of Turkmenistan in Surface Connectivity in Central Asia DavutPomanov 6. India in Regional Integration and Multilateral Processes: A View from Turkmenistan GurgenBallyev 7. India-Central Asia Energy Routes Sanjay Deshpande 8. Redesigning Relations through Formation of Trilateral: EU–Central Asia–India SanghamitraSarma 9. India and Central Asia: Historicity to Changing Global Dynamics Mahavir Singh 10. India and Central Asia: Bonds Revisited Smritikumar Sarkar 11. The Ways of Cultural Links between India and Central Asia GaforovaZamira 12. India and Central Asia Relations: From Ancient to Contemporary Times AkhtarulWasey 13. Making Dialogue “Creative and Constructive”: Reminiscences of India-Central Asia Contacts Suchandana Chatterjee 14. Kazakhstan-Indian Relations Malik Augan 15. Uzbek-India Cooperation Zilola Karimova 16. India-Tajikistan Relations: Revitalising the Civilisation Ties for a Stable and Prosperous Asia A. P. S. Chauhan 17. Uzbekistan and the SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Progress GulasalYusupova Index