Commercial Flowers Vol. 2 (Third Revised & Illustrated Edition)

Commercial Flowers Vol. 2 (Third Revised & Illustrated Edition)

Edited by C Aswath, T K Bose, K Dutta, Reeta Bhatia and T N Saha
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The book entitled 'Commercial Flowers' edited by T.K. Bose and L.P. Yadav with comprehensive review of research on many flowers of commercial importance, 1st published in 1989 and reprinted in 1993 and 1998, was considered as a valuable scientific publication on floriculture. The book was revised with updated scientific information and several importances of flowers were also included in the 2nd edition published in 2002, in two volumes. The revised edition on 'Commercial Flowers' was also accepted as valuable text and reference books by the students, teachers and researchers in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture across the World. During the last 18 years, extensive researches on various aspects including protected cultivation, bio-technology, improvement, post harvest management have been carried out on large number of ornamental plants grown in tropical and sub-tropical and temperate regions. In order to provide overview on the advances in science and technology in floriculture, while review the enormous literature during the period, it is proposed to revise the Commercial Flowers in four volumes. Another importance feature of the revised publications is the inclusion of colour illustrations arranged in each chapter in accordance with the sequence in the revised texts. Students, researchers, floriculturist, horticulturists, agricultural research scientists and extension personnel across the world will find this book very informative as well as practical.'