The Long Game: How the Chinese Negotiate with India

The Long Game: How the Chinese Negotiate with India

Vijay Gokhale
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'Essential reading for all those interested in how India will deal with its greatest strategic challenge, an increasingly powerful China'- SHIVSHANKAR MENON 'Vijay Gokhale strips away the illusion that China ever shared convergent interestswith India in Asia and globally. A disconcerting read, but indispensable.'-ASHLEY J. TELLIS India's relations with the People's Republic of China have captured the popular imagination ever since the 1950s but have rarely merited a detailed understanding of the issues. Individual episodes tend to arouse lively debate, which often dissipates without a deeper exploration of the factors that shaped the outcomes. This book explores the dynamics of negotiation between the two countries, from the early years after Independence until the current times, through the prism of six historical and recent events in the India-China relationship. The purpose is to identify the strategy, tactics and tools that China employs in its diplomatic negotiations with India, and the learnings for India from its past dealings with China that may prove helpful in future negotiations with the country