Gems of Vedic Wisdom (Professor Shashi Tiwari Felicitation Volume) (Sanskrit, English and Hindi)

  • Title : Gems of Vedic Wisdom (Professor Shashi Tiwari Felicitation Volume) (Sanskrit, English and Hindi)
  • Author : Edited by Prof Bhaskarnath Bhattacharya, Prof Dinesh Chandra Shastri
  • ISBN 13 : 9788177024838
  • Year : 2021
  • Language : Sanskrit and English
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • MRP : Rs 4595
  • Selling Price : Rs 3630
  • Discount : 21%
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This volume, ‘Gems of Vedic Wisdom’, contains forty-three research papers on varied aspects of Vedic wisdom and thought. The papers are written in English, Sanskrit, and Hindi, and are contributed by eminent scholars from India and abroad – such as Prof. Nicholas Kazanas, Prof. B. N. Narahari Achar, Dr. Aleh Perzashkevich, Dr. Koenraad Elst, Dr. Come Carpentier De Gourdon, in order to felicitate Prof. Shashi Tiwari. Prof. Tiwari, Recipient of ‘Certificate of Honour’ from the President of India, has contributed and enriched Vedic and Sanskrit studies through her brilliant. publications, teaching, and research for over forty-five years. The special volume has two parts – Greetings and Reminiscences for Prof. Tiwari from her teachers, friends and students in the first part, and academic papers related to, or based on Vedic knowledge arranged thematically into the eight sections in the second part, which is named ‘Vedic Studies’. The topics of papers are broadly related to Vedic civilization, chronology, concepts, philosophy, religion, divinity, state, society, health, language, and rituals. Thus this volume is a treasure of new research in the field of Vedic studies. It is hoped that this work will inspire young scholars to develop an aptitude for deep research, and in addition, it will be useful for the general readers, as well as other inquisitive aspirants of Vedic knowledge.