AGRICULTURE IN INDIA: Crisis and Prospects

  • Title : AGRICULTURE IN INDIA: Crisis and Prospects
  • Author : Edited by Manu Gautam
  • ISBN 13 : 9788131612255
  • Year : 2021
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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Agriculture has been the main source of livelihood for millions of Indians. India is second largest producer of agriculture products. India accounts for 7.68 per cent of total global agricultural output. Contribution of agriculture sector in Indian economy is much higher than world’s average (6.1%). Despite these significant figures, the status of agriculture in India has not been so encouraging in recent two-three decades. Shifting of agricultural lands due to urbanization, start of commercial cropping ventures by business houses and the recent phenomenon of drastic climatic changes have raised many questions. These factors, along with reduced benefits to farmers, have resulted in changing the agricultural fabric of the country to some extent. The small and medium agriculturists have been affected mostly due to these factors and as a result they are not willing to continue agriculture as their primary profession. Agriculture in India: Crisis and Prospects deciphers the macro and micro realities of agriculture in India. Besides an introduction by the editor, the book has thematic essays on emerging issues of farmers; to government policy and programmes; to present situation and also offers workable solutions to resuscitate the dwindling condition of agriculture. The book will be of immense interest to researchers, policy makers, planners and academic fraternity of all those interested in Indian agriculture. CONTENTS 1 Agrarian Crises in Rural India: Issues and Challenges / D.M. Diwakar 2 Labour Shortage in Indian Agriculture: A Growing Challenge / Minaketan Behera 3 Crisis in India’s Agriculture Sector: Are Solutions Elusive? / M. Devendra Babu 4 How to Accelerate Pulse Production in India? / Amarnath Tripathi and Udita Mehta 5 Proprietary Rights, Landlordism, and a Development Discourse: The Past and Present in Madhya Pradesh / Ajit Kumar 6 Critical Analysis of Agricultural Finance for Small Farmers / Bijoy Kumar Swain 7 Farm Suicides in Cauvery Delta of Tamil Nadu: Sign of Distress / Shanmugam Rajendran and Manickam Sabarisakthi 8 Redefining the Role of Women for Revitalising the Agrarian Crisis in Rural India / Sunita Sangar 9 Production Conditions and Agrarian Change in Rural Odisha / Dinesh Kumar Nayak 10 Assessment of Climate and Livelihood Vulnerability in the Bundelkhand Region, India: An Indicator-Based Approach / Surendra Singh and Sanatan Nayak 11 State’s Initiatives for the Sugarcane Sector Revival: Ground Realities and Problems / Abnave Vikas Bajrang 12 Economic Viability of Marginal Farmers in West Bengal: A District-Level Study / Amit Mandal 13 Addressing Food Security and Government Initiatives / Tarujyoti Buragohain 14 Analysis of Growth and Instability in Area, Production, Yield, and Price of Rice in India / Ankur Jain 15 Two-Tier Approach to Prioritise Climate Smart Agriculture in Madhya Pradesh / Barun Deb Pal, Parmod Kumar and P.K. Joshi 16 Agricultural Crops Land Operation: Irrigation Illustration in Mandya District of Karnataka / Srikantha Nayaka 17 Migration and Changing Livelihood Profile for Ensuring Food Security Among Tribal Female Youth: Emerging Issues and Challenges in Chhattisgarh / Vikram Singh and Suman Lakra 18 The Question of Development: Land Acquisition, Land Marginalisation, and Proletarianisation of Peasants / Animesh Roy