Fragrances & Flavours of Mystic Himalaya: Decoding the Healing Aromas for Human Wellness

  • Title : Fragrances & Flavours of Mystic Himalaya: Decoding the Healing Aromas for Human Wellness
  • Author : Dr Jyoti Marwah and Kahkashan Naseem
  • ISBN 13 : 9789390818204
  • Year : 2021
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Softcover
  • MRP : Rs 980
  • Selling Price : Rs 853
  • Discount : 13%
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This publication, entitled, “Fragrances and Flavours of the Mystic Himalaya: Decoding the Healing Aromas for Human Wellness” is a valuable compilation of various healing and cosmetic attributes of Aromatic plants found in the Himalayan region. The authors have documented techniques of cultivation of select aromatic plants from the region along with their respective healing compounds, therapeutic uses, product line and physiological comfort rendered by such compounds based on researched information. The authors have documented both the native and commonly cultivated garden plants which can be easily cultivated by the rural communities in their home gardens and abandoned fields. For the economically impoverished agrarian communities in the Himalayan region an enterprise based on cultivation and mass production of such plants on cooperative basis can bring a tremendous socio economic benefit. It is hoped that naturalists, students of phytochemistry and educated unemployed youth in the region would find this publication useful. The objective of this publication can be summed up comprehensively as an effort to obtain a realistic understanding of MAPs for livelihood and revenue generation by encashing on its wellness potential as a natural remedy. To be achieved by the following efforts: 1) To preserve and propagate the use of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for sustainability and eco balance. 2) To promote and popularize MAPs by hand holding the local masses to move beyond hotel services and regular hospitality. 3) To popularize domestication of wild varieties of MAPs for their biopotency and conserving biodiversity.4)To establish dedicated PPP academic institutes to disseminate knowledge on Fragrances and Flavours to the youth and to highlight job opportunities in the arena of Aroma Technology. 5) To extend the know-how on the curative and commercial value of MAPs. 6) To spell out added financial benefits by lateral expansion of tourism in the hills for preservation.