Heal With Foods: Magical Ingredients That Will Change Your Life

Heal With Foods: Magical Ingredients That Will Change Your Life

Manjari Chandra
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A vibrant, healthy you starts with your gut! Our food choices are driven by what we subconsciously feed to our brain, influenced by advertisements, peers, societal norms and many environmental factors. Immaculately designed packets and their strategic placement on store shelves compel us to buy foods that, in reality, we do not need. These are the foods that deteriorate our overall health, particularly the gut, when in fact, the gut defines and influences every aspect of our health from digestion and body weight, to mood, hormonal balance and immunity. And gut health can only be enhanced by eating nutritionally rich, wholesome foods. Heal with Foods puts the focus on gut health for promoting overall well-being. It takes the reader on the journey of exploration, reflecting on factors that influence our diet and gut health. Deeply researched and full of nutritional insights, the book highlights life-changing ingredients that can serve as a magical remedy for preventing and reversing chronic diseases while enhancing general well-being. Acclaimed nutritionist, Manjari Chandra gives a revolutionary book that will make you rethink the foods you buy and allow you to gain a fresh perspective on nutrition as a core facet of healing and being healthy.