Dendrobium Orchids of Northeast India

  • Title : Dendrobium Orchids of Northeast India
  • Author : Chaya Deori, S K Sarma and T M Hynniewta
  • ISBN 13 : 9789388593434
  • Year : 2019
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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The book ‘Dendrobium Orchids of Northeast India’ represents a detailed systematic account of the genusbased on 97 Dendrobiumspecies of North East India which is 78.23 % of the total Dendrobiumtaxa(124) found in India. It is accompanied with chapters on Diversity, Phenology, Ecology, Morphology, Economic Potential, Major Threats,Conservation, Cultivation etc. with detailed Taxonomic Treatment of each species. It comprises ofkeys to the sections and species for easy identification along with 90 INK ILLUSTRATIONS, 67 PHOTOPLATES which includes more than 250 COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS, 54 PHOTOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS and other relevant notes. The book will be highly helpful to the Botanists, especially Orchidologists, Taxonomist, Forester, Environmentalists, Horticulturists, Pharmacologists and Planners in their research and management programmes. This book will serve as a ready reckoner for Orchid lovers to identify the Dendrobium Orchids from the coloured photographs which will further create awareness to promote conservation and sustainable utilization of beautiful orchids among students and public in general.