Shape Progeny through Vastu Science

  • Title : Shape Progeny through Vastu Science
  • Author : Dr Aarushi Sadhotra and Prof Dr B B Puri
  • ISBN 13 : 9788173863295
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Softcover
  • MRP : Rs 350
  • Selling Price : Rs 305
  • Discount : 13%
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Why conception is a cake walk for one couple and a mammoth task for another one? Why do some poor kids outshine kids, who grow up in the best of the environment? Why do some super intellectual parents have not so keen kids? What are called as remedies in Vastu and how remedies help deal with concerns? Why Vedic Vastu is an integral part of our cultural & how does it ensure best of human health? Vastu Shastra is an ancient art and science of living your life by balancing the 5 elements of nature in and around your house. With modernization, we have been forgetting the treasure we behold as a country, which has the ability to give us the power to bring all the joy, happiness and prosperity in our lives. Principles defined by Vastu Shastra are one amongst the most celebrated treasure of our culture. This book is a must read for all those people who are on the family way. A simple and step-by-step handbook on how to conceive a child, who is not just physically healthy but has a resilient mental well-being as well. This book contains the essence of famous scriptures based on Vastu Shastra like Mayamatam, Vishwakarma Prakash and Samrangan Sutradhar, and information has been elucidated in a layman՚s language which is easy to understand for someone, who doesn't even know the basics of Vastu but is keen to learn about it. This book is an eye-opener for all those who relate Vastu Shastra with superstition. As the information in this book has been backed up by scientific theories and facts, this read is going to create an inner compulsion in all the readers to implement the principles of ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra in their own life.