Dangerous Earth: What We Wish We Knew About Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Climate Change, Earthquakes and More

Dangerous Earth: What We Wish We Knew About Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Climate Change, Earthquakes and More

Ellen Prager
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The Earth is a beautiful and wondrous planet, but also frustratingly complex and, at times, violent. Volcanic eruptions create land and produce nutrient-rich soil, but they can also bury entire towns under lava and debris. The very forces that create and recycle Earth's crust also spawn destructive earthquakes and tsunamis. Water and wind spread life, but in hurricanes they can leave devastation in their wake. Today, we know more than ever before about the powerful forces that can cause catastrophe, but significant questions remain. Why can't we better predict some natural disasters? What do scientists know about them already? What do they wish they knew? In Dangerous Earth, marine scientist Ellen Prager explores the science of investigating volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, rip currents, and--maybe the most perilous hazard of all--climate change. Each chapter considers a specific hazard, begins with a game-changing historical event, and highlights what remains unknown about these dynamic phenomena. Along the way, we hear from scientists trying to read Earth's warning signs, pass its messages along to the rest of us, and prevent catastrophic loss. A sweeping tour of some of the most awesome forces on our planet--many tragic, yet nonetheless awe-inspiring--Dangerous Earth is an illuminating journey through the 'wish-we-knews' that continue to frustrate and fascinate the world's leading scientists. About the Author Ellen Prager is a marine scientist and author, widely recognized for her expertise and ability to make science entertaining and understandable for people of all ages. She was formerly the chief scientist at Aquarius Reef Base in the Florida Keys, and assistant dean at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.