Human Sexuality in the Song of Songs: A Study on the Sensual Lyrics of the Songs

  • Title : Human Sexuality in the Song of Songs: A Study on the Sensual Lyrics of the Songs
  • Author : Wungtei Buchem
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351486350
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • MRP : Rs 795
  • Selling Price : Rs 660
  • Discount : 17%
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This book HUMAN SEXUALITY IN THE SONG OF SONGS: A Study on the Sensual Lyrics of the Songs written by my Christian friend Dr. Wungtei Buchem (University of Sheffield UK), is a timely book that deals with the literal interpretation of the Song of Songs. The author perfectly analyses these beautiful lyrics of the Songs in this piece of work which I as a practising Catholic finds useful and so is what I am sure be a guidebook for modern day interpreters irrespective of Christian denominations. Dr. Buchem links the main message of the text with a positive view of human sexuality and defends- it cannot be treated as something apart from the spirit but of the human nature which comprehends body and soul. This topic is of great importance in a modern day church, society and culture where sexuality is sometimes treated as a product that can utilized without any personal consequences. Within this piece of work, the author encourages readers to think thoroughly about the importance of integrating sexuality in ourselves as God’s own creatures. Dr. Jaime Maravi Nieto Electromechanical Design Engineer Saint Joseph, Barcelona, Spain Contents Foreword Preface Abbreviations Chapter 1: A Methodological Framework 1.1. The Question 1 1.2. Exposing the Framework 1 1.3. Relevant Literature Review 4 1.4. Socio-cultural Anthropology as a Method of Study 1.5. A Literal Reading from the Perspective of Socio-cultural Anthropology 1.6. Paradigms by Novelty 1.7. The Parameter Chapter 2: Ancient West Asian Love Poetry: An Investigation Introduction 2.1. Background of AWA Literature 2.2. Etymology of “Love” in the AWA Culture 2.3. Poetic Love Lyrics in the AWA Literature 2.4. Love Songs in the AWA Literature 2.5. Human Sexuality in AWA Love Lyrics Summary Chapter 3: History of Interpretation: A General Survey of the Book Introduction 3.1. Title 3.2. Authorship 3.3. Dating 3.4. Canonicity 3.5. Genre 3.6. Structure of the Book 3.7. History of Interpretation: Hermeneutical Approaches to the Song of Songs 3.8. Alternative Theories of Approaches to the Song of Songs 3.9. AWA Background and Others 3.10.A Critique to the Traditional Interpretations Summary Chapter 4: Exegetical Study: Investigation of the Symbolism of Human Eroticism Introduction 4.1. Longing for the Greatest Pleasure 4.2. The Allure of the Beloved Outspoken 4.3. The Symbolical Springtime Rhapsody 4.4. An Instinctual Desire Outspoken 4.5. Persuasion, Admiration and Consummation 4.6. Graceful Body and a Realized Desire 4.7. Freedom is My Sensuality for My Desire is as Strong as Death Summary Chapter 5: Human Sexuality in the Song of Songs and its Implications Introduction 5.1. Church, Sexuality and the Song of Songs 5.2. The Worldview Undergirding Sexuality and Spirituality 5.3. Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Sexuality 5.4. Sexuality and Spirituality: A Relational Aspects? 5.5. Balancing Attitude to Human Sexuality 5.6. Theological Hermeneutics and the Song of Songs Summary Chapter 6: General Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Dr. Wungtei Buchem is from Tamlu Village (Longleng District, Nagaland). After his MA and MTh in India he did his PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK); while he also taught Undergraduate Modules on Religion, Theology and the Bible (RTB). He guided few British, Chinese and French Bachelor’s Dissertations. His research was presented in Hamboldt University (Germany), The University of Edinburgh (Scotland), and Helsinki University (Finland). His research abstracts are found in the Denver University (USA) and University of Rome (Italy). Currently, he is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Biblical Studies (OT) at Trinity Theological College,Dimapur, Nagaland (India).