Forest Ecology

Forest Ecology

S S Sagwal
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The book, Forest Ecology is a good piece of attempt on the subject. The book contains 22 Chapters written elaborately by the author in a very simple and lucid language. The relevant examples have been quoted to illustrate the facts and figures wherever possible and feasible. An earnest effort has been made to focus on various aspects of ecology. India has diversified type of vegetation and climates. It has been debated several times that man is great destructor of nature. In this book a sincere attempt has been made to discuss various issues related to India. It is hoped that the book will serve a great purpose and cause to know about the relationship between the living things (concerns with forests) and the prevailing environment. The author is hopeful rather confident that the present book will be a boon to readers and all others who are interested in the subject. Six new chapters have been added in view of recent development in Forest Ecology. Table of Contents Introduction Environmental Consideration, The Eco System, Ecological Adaptations Studying Vegetation Succession and Climax Soil and Plant, Production Ecology Environmental Pollution, Grazing and Fire Forest Types of India Cological Zones of India Global Biomes Autecology and Population Dynamics Conservation and Management Phyto-geography Macro and micro climate, Deforestation Biodiversity Temperature Carbon Sequestration and Climate change.