Dictionary of Commemorative Plant Generic Names: Vol. XXVIII (Addition to Volume I-XXVI) D to F

  • Title : Dictionary of Commemorative Plant Generic Names: Vol. XXVIII (Addition to Volume I-XXVI) D to F
  • Author : Sudhir Chandra
  • ISBN 13 : 9788194614791
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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Generic names have been used as markers through which light has been thrown on the Botanical History of the region. Influences which have influenced a botanist’s career and the resultant influences on other botanists creating a web of information. From volume two onwards attempts have been made to provide brief biographical data on associated of person honoured, wherever possible. A detailed index has been prepared eponyms of persons which will be covered in future volumes, but found mention in the present volume, have been given. Utility of the Book: 1. This will be of interest to both amateur and professional botanists as a compendium of information on botanists as in an Encyclopaedia with information on additional sources. 2. Will be of interest to regional botanists all over the world as botanists of most nationalities have been honoured. 3. Generic entries have been used as point sources for seeking information on development of a discipline, or history of floristic exploration of a region etc. 4. Information on mythological personages honoured in plant names given. 5. Will be of interest to students of botany as Botanical History has been treated as a dynamic force shaping present and future course of botanical development with a web of interlinked botanical facts, founders, promoters, students, teachers, botanical influences and revolutions. Contents: 1. Abbreviation used in the text. 2. Main headings, their abbreviation, and data incorporated under generic names. 3. Dictionary of commemorative plant genera Dabeocia to Fysonia. Index.