Lesser Known Medicinal Plants Cultivation & Utilization Techniques

  • Title : Lesser Known Medicinal Plants Cultivation & Utilization Techniques
  • Author : Raviraja Shetty G and Tamanna Arif
  • ISBN 13 : 9789394490321
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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  • Selling Price : Rs 1734
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Interest in medicinal plants as a re-emerging health aid has been fuelled by the rising costs of prescription drugs in the maintenance of personal health and well-being. Herbal-based traditional medicine has become popular in developed countries in recent years, and its use is likely to increase in the coming years. This system has advantages over the modern medicine as it is prophylactic. Therefore, it would be a wise step if most of medicinal plants, which are lesser known to mankind but have immense potential, particularly those which are in high demand and rare should be cultivated and brought into limelight. The basis for this book originally have been stemmed from the passion of both the authors in order to develop better methods of conveying and spreading the cultivation aspects of many crops and its uses by compiling the information available. As the world moves further into the advanced age, along with generating vast amount of information, there will be a greater need to access legacy plant materials with technology available. Thus this book helps in accessing the information on rare medicinal plants and thereby breaking down barriers of accessibility of limited information. The information provided has been compiled from various books, bulletins, write ups and journals. Hope this book provides, the readers a comprehensive data and knowledge on cultivation and the uses of lesser known medicinal plants. Contents: 1. Introduction: The Scope and Importance 2. Devil’s Cotton, Abromaaugusta L. 3. Indian Aconite, Aconitum balfouriiStapf 4. Angelica AngelicaglaucaEdgew 5. Aloewood, AquilariamalaccensisLam.syn. A. agallochaRoxb. 6. Danti, BaliospermummontanumMuell. Arg 7. Brazil Wood, Caesalpiniasappan L. 8. Perfumed Cherry,CallicarpamacrophyllaVahl 9. Gandrayan,CinnamomumcamphoraNees&Eberm 10. Tree Turmeric, Cosciniumfenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. 11. Kalimusali, CurculigoorchioidesGaertn 12. Black Zedoary, Curcuma caesiaRoxb. 13. Round Zedoary, Curcuma zedoaria(Christ.) Rosc 14. Himalayan Marsh Orchid, Dactylorhizahatagirea(D.Don) Soo 15. Rattalu, DioscoreabulbiferaL. 16. English Speed-Wheel, EvolvulusalsinoidesLinn. 17. White Teak, GmelinaarboreaRoxb 18. Gurmar, GymnemasylvestreR. Br. ex Schult 19. Puskarmool, InularacemosaHook. F 20. Common Juniper, Juniperuscommunis Linn 21. Spikenard, Nardostachys grandiflora DC; Syn. Nardostachysjatamansi DC 22. Turpeeth, Operculinaturpethum (Linn.) Silva-Manso Syn. Ipomoea turpethum R. Bv. 23. Sonapatha, Oroxylumindicum Vent 24. Pistanchio Tree, Pistaciaintegerrima Stew. ex Brandis 25. Indian Podophyllum, PodophyllumhexandrumRoyle 26. Vijaysar, Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb 27. RevandChini, Rheum emodi wall. exMeissn 28. Manjit, Rubiacordifolia L. 29. Kuchila, Strychnosnux-vomica Linn. 30. Rohida Tree,Tecomellaundulata (Sm.) Seem. Syn. Tecomaundulata (Sm.) G. Don. 31. Giloe, Tinosporacordifolia (Willd.) Miers ex HK. f. and Th. Syn. MeninspermumcordifoliumWilld 32. Vellapine, Vateriaindica Linn. 33. BanafshaViola serpensLinn About the Author: Dr.Raviraja Shetty G.: Associate Professor and Head at Agricultural & Horticulture Research Station, Ullal,Mangalore under Keladi Shivappa Nayaka University of Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences, Shivamogga. Tamanna Arif: College of Horticulture, UHS (B) Campus, Vignana Kendra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560065