Organic Farming : Theory and Practice

  • Title : Organic Farming : Theory and Practice
  • Author : S P Palaniappan and K Annadurai
  • ISBN 13 : 9788172335380
  • Year : 2018
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Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Concepts, Definitions and Components. 3. Green Manuring : A Basic Component of Organic Farming. 4. Biological Nitrogen Fixation. 5. Application of Vermiculture Biotechnology. 6. Composting of Agricultural and Industrial Wastes. 7. Weed Management in Organic Farming. 8. Pest Management in Organic Famring. 9. Crop Residue Management. 10. Integrated Nutrient Management towards Sustainable Agriculture. 11. Integrated Farming Systems. 12. Case Studies. This book makes an attempt to present the available information on organic agriculture in a cogent and easily understandable manner. Though it is not exhaustive, which it is not meant to be, it is felt that book will a give an overview on the subject to the interested reader. A viewpoint on organic agriculture has been presented in the book, based on the experience of the authors. The book contains chapters on organic manures (including green manures), recycling of organic wastes, vermiculture, biofertilizers, organic methods of pest and weed management, integrated nutrient management, farming systems and case studies of organic farming. Selected literature is presented for further reading. A compilation of the available information has been a felt need of students, teachers, research workers and administrators in agriculture.