A-Z of Pig Farming

  • Title : A-Z of Pig Farming
  • Author : Vivek Kumar Gupta, Rajendran Thomas and Santanu Banik
  • ISBN 13 : 9789391734077
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1. Current scenario of pig production in India. 2. Pig genetic resources of India. 3. Sources of quality pig germplasm. 4. Strategies for breeding and selection in pig. 5. Measures to control in breeding in field condition. 6. Care and management of pigs. 7. Overview of genetic defects in pigs. 8. Routine practices in pig farming. 9. Housing of pigs. 10. Environmental impacts of pig production. 11. Management of pigs during summer. 12. Basic concepts of physiology and body condition scoring of pigs. 13. Feeding of pigs. 14. Common feed ingredients and their nutritive values. 15. Unconventional feed resources for swine feeding. 16. Reproductive management of male and female pigs. 17. Common reproductive problems and their therapeutic management in pigs. 18. Artificial insemination in pig. 19. Assisted reproductive technologies in pig. 20. Common diseases of pigs and their management. 21. emerging and re-emerging diseases of pig. 22. Porcine viral zoonotic diseases. 2. Biosecurity in a pig farm. 24. Vaccines and vaccinations of pig. 25. Awareness on antimicrobial stewardship among piggery farmers. 26. Collection, preservation and transportation of clinical samples for laboratory diagnosis of pig diseases. 27. Application of newer biotechnologies tools for improvement in swine health and production. 28. Credit assistance for pig rearing. 29. The use of smart technologies in improving the commercial pig production. 30. E-resources for pig farming. 31. GMPs and statutory requirements for establishing of pig abattoirs. 32. Standard pork cuts and their nutritive value. 33. Common meat processing equipments. 34. Value addition of pork. 35. Cooking and preservation techniques in pork processing. 36. Common non-meat ingredients used in pork processing. 37. By-products utilization from pig slaughter operations. 38. Important legislations and standards in meat industry. 39. Meat and meat products-supply chain management in India. 40 important terms used in pig farming. Index.