Pests of Fruit Crops

  • Title : Pests of Fruit Crops
  • Author : Edited by Nripendra Laskar and Victor Phani
  • ISBN 13 : 9789394490703
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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Among the leading fruit producing countries in the world, India ranks second only after China. Fruits play pivotal role in mitigating nutritional requirement of the society as well as providing employment opportunity, especially in the agriculture dominated rural agrarian economy of the developing countries like India. In the age of Hi-tech Horticulture, introduction of new fruit crops resulted in the paradigm shift in fruit crop cultivation. Climatic changes and increment in cropping intensity reflected in a remarkable and rapid shift of fruit ecosystem. Biotic stresses like insect, mite and nematode pests etc. have also been increasing day by day. These pest problems in fruit crop cultivation are now changing in a dynamic fashion in close association with the change in cropping system and the environment. To protect the fruit crops from insect pest devastation, synthetic poisonous chemicals are the quick and easy solution which are being used indiscriminately. Considering the ill effects of these hard-to-degrade synthetic chemical pesticides, integrated approaches are the only answer to combat such a complex and dreaded problem. The integrated approach comprises cultural, mechanical, biological and ecological management strategies in association with need based and safe pesticidal chemicals. Some pesticides have also been banned for using in horticultural crop cultivation, some others are withdrawn. But information with regard to these phenomena are scattered. In this compilation, an exhaustive effort has been undertaken to compile them. In addition to elaborating the host range, distribution, marks of identification, mode of feeding and symptoms of infestation, bionomics of the pests, biological control, pesticide residue problem and measures to mitigate it have been presented by the experts from different Institutes of repute from all over India. The book has been designed for the UG and PG students of horticulture, crop protection, pomological acarology as well as nematology. This will also serve as guide to respected Professors and Teachers of Agricultural Universities, progressive farmers, extension workers, plant protection specialists as well as policy makers. Contents: 1. Pests of Mango Ecosystem and Their Integrated Management- Shyamal Kumar Sahoo, Uma Shankar Nayak and Atanu Maji 2. Insect Pests of Citrus and Their Management- Biswajit Patra, Rajesh Kumar and S. J. Prasanthi 3. Pests of Jackfruit and Their Management- Gobinda Roy, Nripendra Laskar and Samrat Saha 4. Pests of Banana and Their Management- T. Bharathimeena and Nripendra Laskar 5. Pests of Litchi and Their Management- Nithya Chandran and Riju Nath 6. Pests of Guava and Their Management- Atanu Seni, Jaydeep Halder and Samrat Saha 7. Pests of Pineapple and Their Management- Jagdish Jaba, Kalmesh Manganavi and Siva Kumar Golla 8. Insect Pests of Pomegranate and Their Management- P. Venkata Rao, Riju Nath and Adrish Dey 9. Pests of Papaya and Their Management- Nagendra Kumar, Anil Kumar and Riju Nath 10. Pests of Sapota and Their Sustainable Management- Jaydeep Halder and Atanu Seni 11. Pests of Amla and Their Management- Roshna Gazmer, Nripendra Laskar and Atanu Maji 12. Pests of Ber and Their Management- Suraj Sarkar and Puran Pokhrel 13. Pests of Grapes and Their Management- Romila Akoijam, Rachana R. R., Richa Varshney Sandip Patra and Narendra Prakash 14 Pests of Apple and Their Management- Tamoghna Saha, Nithya Chandran and Tarak Nath Goswami 15. Pests of Cashew Nut and Their Management- Amitava Banerjee and Biswanath Bandyopadhyay 16. Pests of Strawberry and Their Management- Rajesh Kumar and S.J. Prasanthi 17. Pests of Temperate Fruit Crops and Their Management- G. Mahendiran, Shahid Ali Akbar and Mudasir Ahmad Dar 18. Mite Pests of Fruit Crops and Their Management- Pijush Kanti Sarkar and Debashis Roy 19. Nematode Pests of Fruit Crops and Their Management- Tushar Kanti Dutta 20. Conservation Biological Control Approaches in Orchard Ecosystems- Suprakash Pal and Biwash Gurung 21. Pesticide Residue in Fruit Crops and its Management- Samrat Saha, Nripendra Laskar and Victor Phani