Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Dr Amit Joshi and Dr Shailesh M. Kewatkar
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We have been enthusiastic participants in the preparation of this 1st edition of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, a textbook which is reflecting advances in knowledge and the sustained relevance of microbiology in pharmacy. We have tried to develop the theme of recent editions, strengthening the connection between the basic sciences with an increased emphasis on pathogens and the host response, prescribing therapeutics and public health microbiology. This book is concerned with pharmaceutical microbiology. Pharmaceutical microbiology can be simplified as being concerned with keeping microorganisms in control within the environment and hence from contaminating the product and harnessing microorganisms to make efficacious pharmaceutical medications. Here pharmacists and microbiologists work synergistically to ensure that drug therapies target opportunistic microorganisms without harming its human host. Contents: 1. Pharmaceutical microbiology an introduction. 2. Microbiology taxonomy. 3. Identification of microbes. 4. Morphology and classification of bacteria. 5. Viruses. 6. Microbial genetics and variations. 7. Infections. 8. Interferon. 9. Control of microbes by physical and chemical methods. 10. Disinfectants antiseptics and their evaluation. 11. Microbial assay of antibiotics and vitamins. 12. Spoilage and preservation of food. 13. Sewage and sewage disposals.